The recent increase in ISO certification in Saudi Arabia

The recent increase in ISO certification in Saudi Arabia

ISO 9001:2015 is now the standard.  We are currently certified to the 2008 version of the standard.  The new version, in common with a great number of ISO standards, incorporates an element of risk assessment to drive the continual improvement of the system.  Companies must be able to identify risks to the business and put control measures in place.

Lessening the barriersin many organisations

Thus, getting ISO certificate in Saudi Arabia is far easier because it has a grace period of 3 years to convert to the new ISO 9001 certification standard.  Exactly how we achieve this is a work in progress at the moment. The standard is simply a set of requirements that can be implemented to provide a company with a QMS that will help them deliver products and services that meet customer needs and improve customer satisfaction. How this is done by the organization, and how they gain certification, is not included because certification of the QMS is not a mandatory requirement.

Made for your benefits

Every organization in Saudi Arabia does this because of different reasons. It could be because they are concerned about the expense of hiring a certification body to audit them. It could be because they are worried about what will be found during the certification audit. It may even be that they just want to claim certification without having done any of the preparation and implementation required. By enhancing your green credentials, you can increase your business image and maintain best practices for the benefit of the environment. Employee morale increases in a company with a shared environmental ethos and the certification will also reduce accidents or incidents that can compromise their health.

Far better than the rest

It is very necessary for companies to maintain ISO 9001 certification in Saudi Arabia. One of the most important benefits of ISO certification is that it can help the company with cost control. A maintained EMS system can help identify, control and reduce the number of environmental systems and incidents that can waste resources and result in thousands of dollars’ worth of liability costs. In addition, the solutions provided by the EMS can reduce costs by conserving energy and materials needed for operations.

In addition to the qualified and highly-skilled person doing the writing (and most probably, performing the associated work) will critically review every report issued by company. This ensures a degree of normalisation with the content and style, for example, by using our corporate documentation.

We also provide certification for ISO 22301 certification in saudi arabia

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