ISO 9001 certification in Singapore

Some Fact About Singapore

Singapore is known to be a global financial centre which is a part of southern Malaysia. It is known to be a hug for industries and service sector. ISO certification ad consultancy services have been very common in Singapore. Clients these days have started to look at basic quality check to have good control on processes.

What is ISO Standars? 

If put down in simpler words, ISO is the world’s largest developer of voluntary international standards. These standards give specifications for products. It helps in effective and efficient working of the organization. They also help to break down the barriers of international trade.

What is Use of  ISO 9001?

It addresses various aspects of the quality management. These standard are applied by the companies and organizations which are aiming to ensure that their products and services are consistently meeting the customer satisfaction levels and also that the quality is improved consistently in the process.

Interesting facts about ISO 9001 certification in Singapore 

ISO 9001 standards address various aspects of quality management. There are few unknown facts about the same. These facts are as follows- 

  • This set of standards has a reputation on a global scale.
  • This quality management process is a voluntarily choice and not enforced.
  • Many countries have implemented ISO 9001.
  • Irrespective of your company and industry, you can follow ISO procedures.
  • Focus on continued improvement will lead to improvements.
  • ISO certification in Singapore  doesn’t specify what a company should do but it doesn’t dictate how they should reach the goal.
  • Though amendments were made but basic guidelines were not amended.
  • You gain confidence amongst your customer based by obtaining a certificate through recognized certification body.
  • Obtaining certificate also opens up international avenues for your business.

Your business and ISO 9001 process 

Gaining customer confidence will improve overall sales. You can gain customer confidence by obtaining ISO 9001 certification in Singapore. What is so effective about ISO 9001 is that they are only guidelines rather than hard and fast dictated rules. With ISO 9001 training is provided in the process ensuring that everybody is on the same page, so that everyone is awarded of the process being implemented, what is expected and what are the results to be achieved.

Regular internal audits allow the staff to understand the effectiveness of working and where change is needed.

Cost of ISO Certificate registration 

The cost of ISO certificate or certificates is variable. There are many factors involved which include type of industry, territory, region, manpower, standards etc.

The charges may vary from country to country and also, there are additional surveillance charges which are applied from second and third year onwards.


Quality management systems reduce waste. It is understandable that change is difficult for anybody, however once the benefits are attained you will find yourself wondering why it took you so long to be a part of this process.  Climb on now and let the process improve your business and your customer satisfaction level.




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